The reformationgospel’s Podcast

Binding and Loosing - Part 3 - Authority

March 26, 2021

So many Christians are taught that when a person sins they give satan authority to attack their life. This is soo wrong. All authority comes from God and He did not delegate any authority to satan. Whatever authority was given him when he was still Lucifer was taken from him when he lost his post as Cherub over the Earth. Satan only operates on the basis of deception. When people buy into his lies they give him opportunity. The devil is only an opportunist. A burglar does not have the right or authority to enter a building to steal. No, someone forgot to turn on the alarm or left the back door open. What we see happening in our world today is opening the eyes billions of people everywhere, realising that the truth and the reality of God's love for every person will restrain satan's agenda for totalitarian world dominance. 

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